Graphic Design Articles on Schools and Careers

Animation Career Information and Outlook

Find out how to dive into one of today's hot careers: Animation.


Graphic Design Tools

These design tools may help you create your designs yet.


How to Break into Graphic Design
Break into graphic design with a graphic design education. Read More >>

Program Spotlight: A PhD in Graphic Design

Discover the benefits of earning a PhD in graphic design.


Program Spotlight: A Certificate in Graphic Design

Discover the basics of what's involved with earning a certificate in graphic design.


A Marketable Partnership: Web and Graphic Design Expertise
Combining Web design with graphic design education can lead to a winning combination--that results in more job prospects. Read More >>

Designing Currency: How Graphic Design Makes Cents
Check out a unique career for graphic designers: designing currency. Read More >>

Improving Your Graphic Design Service
In today's competitive job market it pays to stand out--literally. Find out how you can get a leg up on the competition by improving your service. Read More >>

Desiging College Brochures & More Graphic Design Projects
A fun and simple graphic design project that pays a good fee is a college brochure design. Here's how to get it done. Read More >>

4 Tips for Breaking Into Design
Hint: learning technology is your key to entering the graphic design workforce today. Read More >>

Artist Jobs: The Visual Artist

Careers in the visual arts, such as being an artist, are also often easily incorporated in to other more mainstream professions, such as graphic design.


Designer Career Spotlight: Brand Identity Designer

As a graphic designer, you might help create your clients' very identity. Learn about branding in design school.


Cinematography School for the Reality TV Generation
A new generation raised on reality television is coming of age. But there's a lot more to filming 'reality' than meets the eye. Here are some of the things you'll learn in documentary film school. Read More >>

The Step-by-Step Path to Becoming a Graphic Designer

From layout and photography-manipulation programs, artistic flair and good communication skills, it takes a well-developed skill set to become a graphic designer.


What Graphic Design School Can Do For You

You have the talent, but if you want to become a graphic designer, there's a lot to learn. A graphic design school could be the perfect fit for you. Continue reading for information about coursework and degree programs in graphic design.


Studying Photography in Graphic Design School

Photography is an exciting field. If photography is your passion, you may want to consider enrolling in a graphic design school. Here are some tips to help you navigate the waters.


A Career in Film and Video Design Begins at Graphic Design School
Qualifying for jobs in the highly competitive field of graphic design and film takes education, persistence, and a willingness to start from the bottom up. Graphic design schools can prepare you to become a graphic designer. Read More >>

Preparing for a Career in Textile Design with Graphic Design School
Build your expertise in fabric, colors, and patterns through a degree in textile design from a graphic design school. By earning your degree, you can become a graphic designer and position yourself for success in today's competitive marketplace. Read More >>

How Graphic Design School Can Prepare You for a Career
You're artistic and talented, and your strength is in graphics. You probably want to make a career out of it. Here are a few reasons why you should attend graphic design school. Read More >>

Could Online Graphic Design School Be for You?

From homework to classroom camaraderie, find answers here to your questions about graphic design school online.


Ensuring the Quality of Your Education: The Basics of College Accreditation
Learn how to determine a school's accreditation and what it means for your major and your career. Earning a degree from an accredited graphic design school can help you become a graphic designer and launch a successful career. Read More >>

Graphic Design School: The Foundation of a Career in Multimedia Design

Succeeding against the fierce competition in multimedia design can be done starting with a degree from graphic design school.


Furniture Design: Begin Your Career with a Graphic Design School Degree
Attending graphic design school and earning a degree in interior design is a great way to begin a career in furniture design. Consider enrolling in a graphic design school today. Read More >>

How to Become a Graphic Designer

Graphic design schools online are way to enter the exciting field of graphic design. Here are some tips on how to succeed in your new career field of graphic design.


Graphic Design Skills on Autopilot with CAD Design Software

The latest CAD design software has powerful tools that will increase the speed and professionalism of your graphic design projects. Learn more today.


Wedding Website Designers Needed
Want to spice up your graphic design career? Learn how graphic designers can thrive in a niche market: wedding website design. Read More >>

What Does A Graphic Designer Do For a Living?
Interested in a graphic design career? Learn more about your opportunities in this field through this one-on-one interview with a working graphic designer. Read More >>

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