Studying Photography in Graphic Design School

Graphic design school can prepare you for a number of exciting careers--including photography. There's a range of skills necessary to work as a photographer, and a good photography program ensures that you're exposed to them all. Photography programs at graphic design schools can help you develop your skills and channel them toward your work in the field.

You have plenty of options when it comes both to graphic design schools and degrees. Associate's, bachelor's and post-graduate degrees are available to help you in any stage of your career.

Today, there are many roles photographers can fill. You might work in industrial photography, photojournalism, or fashion photography. Perhaps your strength is in portraiture or children's photography. If you are interested in pursuing a photography program at a graphic design school, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Faculty. Faculty members differ in their expertise and backgrounds. Most probably work on the industry as well, or exhibit their work as artists. You'll want to know their academic backgrounds, employment history, and perhaps even take a look at their portfolios. Sometimes you'll know if a teacher is right for you intuitively by examining his or her work.
  • Facilities and equipment. The facilities and equipment available at the graphic design school will be an important factor in your choice. There are many things to consider with state of the art equipment: film cameras, digital cameras, 35mm and 120mm format equipment, archival photography, and more. What about lab and dark room equipment for processing and enlarging?
  • School reputation. Reputation is important. Ask which organizations certify or endorse the school. The best graphic design schools have recommendations and awards, or other honors that they would likely be very happy to tell you about.
  • Visit the school. It's always helpful to visit any campus school you're considering. You can talk with counselors and instructors, and see the facilities.
  • Research graphic design schools online. Today, you can choose between a traditional campus program and online distance learning programs. An online degree program in graphic design may suit you if your location options are limited. You may be able to arrange phone interviews, or an email correspondence to get to know the staff.
  • Internship and career programs. Many graphic design schools help you get real-world experience by placing you in an internship program, or perhaps by helping you find part-time employment. Ask if the school offers internship, externship, or post-graduate career programs.

Making the Decision to Attend Graphic Design School

As you set out to become a photographer, be sure to keep everything in focus. Ask as many questions as possible, refer to counselors and advisers for guidance, and keep looking for the program that is right for you.

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