Desiging College Brochures & More Graphic Design Projects

You can put your graphic design skills to good use in the higher education system by learning about college brochure design. Colleges and universities pay graphic design pros big bucks to handle these vital pieces of business communication.


With the recent surge in online universities and distance education programs, colleges are spending more of their advertising budgets on college brochure designs. For graphic design professionals, this means a high paying niche that could bring repeat business throughout the year. Designing an effective college brochure requires that you become intimately familiar with the university as well as the typical student that the university attracts. For potential students seeking an online degree, this means emphasizing the time saving benefits of the distance learning arrangement.


College Brochure: Designing for Higher Education

  • Logo and Tagline: An effective college brochure incorporates the university logo as well as a catchy tagline to build the education brand.
  • Curriculum List: A well-designed curriculum list entices students to respond by revealing the courses and degrees that are available to them.
  • Contact Info: End your college brochure with contact information that allows students to find out how they can become a part of the university.


Designing college brochures is a great first project for newcomers in this exciting industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the graphic design industry holds promising prospects for college graduates.


The Graphic Design Career Profile

  • Position Defined: The graphic design professional creates effective business communications for a variety of print and web media.
  • Demanding Market: Employment for graphic design professionals is expected to grow as fast as the national average through 2014.
  • Employment Options: Once you have earned a graphic design degree, you can choose to work with a design firm or on a freelance basis.


The college brochure is just one of the many exciting projects you can pursue when you become a professional graphic designer.


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