A Career in Film and Video Design Begins at Graphic Design School

With the rapid rise of online video, video sharing, and social networking, the creation of video has become a growing trend across the world. While anyone with a digital video camera can create and share video, there is still a need for professional video and graphic design artists who have been educated in video technology.

The best way to become a graphic designer or videographer is to earn an education. Web design, graphic design, and video technology firms typically look for candidates who have completed a traditional or online high school diploma, and a 2- or 4-year degree, such as an associate's or bachelor's degree, from a graphic design school.

Qualifying for Jobs in the Graphic Design and Film Industry

The days of graduating from graphic design school and finding a job early after graduation are gone, as competition for jobs and the importance of career-specific education increases. Design firms and film studios are looking for education and experience that reflects their open positions. For instance, if your passion is for cameras and cinematography, enrolling in graphic design school can help you learn the basics of camera operation and film technique.

Networking is another great way to compete for jobs in graphic design and film. Meeting peers and professors in graphic design school is a great way to begin this networking, and can help you establish contacts that you may keep throughout your career.

A degree program can also help you prepare for jobs by becoming familiar with a range of specialty areas in the industry. Most degree programs offer courses in graphic design, Web design, Web video, TV and film production, and media marketing. Learning the range of specialties and then focusing on one could help define your career interests, and prepare you for your job search following graduation.

Graphic Design School: Starting Your Career in Graphic Design and Film

Like many industries, entry-level jobs in graphic design and film are not glamorous. Many in film careers begin with jobs as production assistants or editors, working under experienced production managers or editors. These employers traditionally look for key skills in candidates without much experience, like proficiency in industry software. Graphic design school can teach you these basics, helping to make you ready for your first interview.

Other entry-level positions can be found as assistants for animators, illustrators, typographers, graphic designers, and other filmmakers, allowing you to gain exposure to the field. Remember, these jobs may not come with high responsibility or pay, but they can be a good start. Showing that you have an education in these fields can help you land your first job.

Graphic Design Schools: Developing Your Specialty in Graphic Design or Film

Not sure exactly what you're interested in? Completing a 2- or 4-year degree program at graphic design school can help you find out. These schools offer a range of courses, helping you define your interest and your skill set. In graphic design, it may be 3-D modeling, backgrounding, or storyboarding. In film, it may be production, filming, or editing. Taking as many courses as you can will help you define your individual interests, which in turn will help you define your job search after graduation.

Working in graphic design and film is tough work, and jobs are very competitive. In order to distinguish yourself from the competition, earning a degree and defining your specialty are the best first steps. Can't drop everything for school? Graphic design is widely available as an online degree, allowing you to get an education while working. Remember that progress may be slow, but ongoing training and education is the best way to stay current and qualify for more jobs in the industry.

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