Furniture Design: Begin Your Career with a Graphic Design School Degree

Furniture design is an exciting, competitive field requiring education, creativity, and persistence. Furniture designers create the designs from which all types of residential, commercial, and artistic furniture is manufactured. Many furniture designers begin as textile or interior designers, designing fabrics or patterns for years before focusing on whole pieces of furniture.

And, many of these designers begin at graphic design school both online and on-campus. Design firms that employ furniture designers search for candidates with education and experience--and the field is very competitive. Earning a 2- or 4-year degree is the best way to prepare to be considered by these firms.

Designing furniture requires a special skill set, and expertise with industry tools such as 3-D design software. Learning this software is one of the benefits of an on-campus or online graphic design school.

Making Your Mark in Furniture Design, Starting with Graphic Design School

Having a specialty is a great career strategy in all types of design. Many interior and furniture designers are focusing on "green" designs that use sustainable materials and manufacturing processes with minimal waste. Graphic design schools offer courses on sustainable or green design, allowing you to establish a background in this technology. Some employers look for this expertise, which allows you to better market yourself when competing for jobs.

You can also learn how to design for the manufacturing process, an important piece of the design phase. Furniture designs must be reproducible and cost-efficient in order to sell to a wide audience. Learning how to design furniture with this goal in mind is important.

Building Your Design Resume after Graphic Design School

A degree is the foundation of any good resume. Completing a graphic design school degree is the best first step in your furniture design career, especially if you nave little to no experience in the field. Some graphic design courses offer furniture design degrees, while most others will offer interior design degrees and allow you to specialize in furniture design. Any of these degrees can prepare you for the furniture design field, and can qualify you for jobs with design firms.

Entry-level positions in design often take the form of design assistant positions, but these can be a great start. Learning on-the-job from an experienced professional is a great compliment to a graphic design school degree.

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