What Does A Graphic Designer Do For a Living?

Graphic design permeates every area of our lives: from our cereal boxes, to the advertisements on the subway, to the credits for our favorite TV shows. For this reason, no graphic design career is truly the same. I asked a friend of mine about his graphic design career. Here is some helpful insight from a graphic design guru.

What does your graphic design career involve?

"I work on the UK Health and Safety Executive's in-house magazine. The graphic design process usually begins with meeting the client, forming the creative brief and setting creative parameters (color, format, target audience, distribution, etc).

I then work on a number of graphic design concepts which are presented to the client.  Hopefully the client then agrees to take one or two steps forward. Once a final solution has been agreed upon, I begin commissioning photography and/or illustration.

Once all the material has been gathered, I prepare all the images for print using an imaging editing tool. I then bring images and text together.

Once we have approval, it is sent to print. I approve color proofs from the printer before finally committing to the print run."

Did you undertake a Graphic Design Program?

"Yes. I have an honors degree in graphic design, and attend courses on a regular basis to keep up with technology. I also teach myself through my job, through magazines, thought enthusiasm, and through talking with other designers."

What hardware and software do you use for your graphic design?

"I use an Apple Mac G4. Software includes Photoshop CS for image editing, Illustrator CS for drawing software and InDesign CS for page makeup and formatting."

You are very much print-based. Could you see your graphic design career moving into Web design or animation?

"Certainly the Web - I need to get up to speed, though, as a career in web design certainly involves learning new software/ways of working, even though it's still design. Animation is a different discipline altogether (illustration), so, for me, probably not."

 What do you like most about your graphic design career?

"I like the idea of getting paid for something I thoroughly enjoy and being able to express myself visually and seeing stuff I created in bookshops, magazines."

I think that sums a graphic design career up pretty well.  Get started designing your dream career today by exploring online and on-campus graphic design schools.

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